Welcome To My UX/UI Design Portfolio

A little about me: I am a senior designer based in Victoria, BC, currently freelancing. I am not a senior UX/UI/Product designer, yet. I got into UX/UI in a very strange, roundabout way. I'm originally a graphic designer who specialized in page and book design. I did that for quite a few years but started to feel like I wasn't being challenged enough creatively. At the same time, I was introduced to UX/UI Design and it became my passion. Coming from print and publishing, visual design and information architecture have always been important. I have always noticed the frustration when things didn't work for me as a user. There is also a level of storytelling in UX which appeals to me because I come from a writing background. Lastly, as a social person with limitless curiosity, I love talking to people and learning more about them; finding out what they do, why and they do it. Looking forward to connecting with you, Tara